Continuous beta is the future of branding

Today, the organisations are split into either disruptors or disrupted.

Brands needs to disrupt itself, or someone else will do.

We cant stick to old ways where we design a brand and it stays the same through decades.

Brands as a symbol have become incredibly relevant and more important then ever.

Because of social media, brands are becoming more human. They evolve, learn, experiment and adapt.

Continuous beta is the new status quo, and that helps brand to keep evolving.

Brand is, more than ever, essential. But brand needs to disrupt itself, before it becomes irrelevant. The challenge we see is creating brands that maintain their authenticity and at the same time their relevance, no matter what fundamental changes the business goes through. These brands are those that first and foremost understand what role they play in people’s lives. They are a call to action, as much as a philosophy. They help congregate people around what they can become tomorrow, instead of anchoring themselves in what they do today.

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