Mojarto. An NDTV Venture.

It’s a go to site for the budding art aficionado. Someone who is taking their first step towards owning paintings, sculpture, jewellery or collectables but could do with some help. Website’s  platform provides a data driven intuitive & leading edge experience to browse and buy art, collectibles & jewellery online With a huge variety to choose from , a discerning team of curators to help we make  this world a lot more approachable and less intimidating. We are in a nutshell, ‘the taste makers’ that the new breed of ‘collectors’ are looking for.


Brief firmly in mind, we decided to come from less rational and more personality driven spaces. The idea is to create a brand world of sorts and an inimitable personality. Mojarto, the brand word, is a clever combination of two words  - Mojo and Art. In our case, Mojo defines the magical power that art holds to enchant its audience. It gives the enthusiasm, power and energy to make things happen.


The typeface used is distinctive, bold, authoritative yet non threatening. Given that we propose using M with the red dot as the App icon, it was important for us to find a unique ‘M’ that cues both Mojo and Art.  The brand mark of a red dot is simple, recognisable and to the point. It is inspired by the little red ‘sold’ sticker at the bottom of great art pieces that are sold/taken. The brand mark signifies that Mojarto is an active marketplace with a growing database of 10,000 pieces of original work, collectible jewellery, and accessories by artists spanning modern and contemporary works.  The red dot acts as a beacon of celebrating art in its fullest form. The simplicity enhances the actual piece of art by not being intrusive or overtly decorative. The bright red dot makes its mark and establishes Mojarto as a leader with better sensibility and expertise in its subject and the ideal mix of art, design and technology. With this brand mark, Mojarto owns the art & design movement.

BRAND-MARK for Cause

Mojarto is the umbrella holding curated works from various galleries, designers, craftsmen, established and upcoming artists that brings you the quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that it complements your daily life.

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