Coming up within Navi Mumbai, one of the largest planned cities in the world, is the sprawling 40-acre Seawoods Grand Central. Much like TODs the world over, Seawoods Grand Central is destined to be epicentre of the city. With its state-of-the-art workspaces, retail havens, entertainment zone, F&B options and signature hospitality services … you can expect it to become a destination in its own right. More importantly, with a modern railway station at the very heart of this pulsating business hub, getting here will require no effort at all

drawing inspiration from the structure and being aware of the space being a city, the brand mark feels like an open doorway which is inviting possibilities to dream. The growth of the marks as it spreads towards the outer side symbolises the prosperity and scale of the project. the colours used are soothing yet chic and give a feeling of grandeur.

Dan Mullagathanny’s Irresponsible Stories

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