Branding reinvented

The old way of doing branding exercise: Developing the strategy, then designing the brand and then the application. — We get logo and 200 pages brand guideline to slap on everywhere.

The digital world demand for Touch, sound, motion and voice: New members of the brand guideline. how can a branding process that starts out from a purely visual perspective ever possibly succeed?

The new way of doing branding exercise to stay relevant in a digital world:
  1. Set a guidelines for experience: For the user, the brand is defined by what it does, not by its logo or color palette. Logo or design guideline should improve the user experience while creating brand’s environment.
  2. Crete Brand mark instead of Logo: Never before has the role of the logo in a brand process been so uncertain. When the line between brand and product design become increasingly blurred. Digital interactions are becoming increasingly less visual and a person’s primary interaction with a brand may be based upon touch, interaction, or even sound alone. This throws the idea of a logo into question.The notion of a brand mark will live on, that is certain. These days, a brand mark does not need to be visual—touch, interaction, or sound can equally be a brand mark.
  3. Reconstruct the branding process: While doing first strategy, then brand, then logo, and then application we need to understand the environment, people’s interaction with branding and it’s behaviour towards them. It will help us to reconstruct the process, so that we can tackle the all demands of branding.

Brand Mark. (Google’s logo and brand marks.)

Brand Mark in voice, who does’t need logo to identify it. (A brand that has its own voice: Amazon Echo.)

Brand Mark in sound. You can easily imagine that epic boot sound by looking at this screen. (Apple’s OS booting sound)

It doesn’t matter if your band is digital or not, sooner or later brands will become Artificial Intelligence or interacted and recomended by them. And AI may don’t have visual support. That’s why branding needs to go beyond visual (logo).

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