We are a UI / UX and Graphic Design Studio based in Mumbai, India with over 14 years of experience.

We've designed projects across sectors like Health & Pharma, Education, Technology, Automobile, Telecom, Banking, Retail, FMCG, Infrastructure Real Estate, Fashion, Tourism, Publications and NGOs. The key to success across these projects has been a focused core strategy and an eye for detail.

Jayesh Raut Design and Strategy

We believe that every Design is about the Experience. The better you can experience it, the more you would use it.

We believe our strongest point is understanding not only the client but also the end user. By developing a unique key strategy for each project, helps navigate it in the direction of it's target audience's needs, expectations and taste. The strategy lays the foundation for the right design that the user could experience, relate and interact with.


By maintaining the right balance between technical functionality and aesthetic visual elements, we create a system for mobile and desktops that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs and on brand.


The UI/UX system created is justified by our complete solution of front and back-end development. Our approach is to avoid any lags or discrepancies to deliver a complete product.


By extending the brand language further to create a cohesive brand ecosystem, our approach to designing websites also includes tick-boxing the basics, i.e. Responsive Design, Search Console friendly and developing CMS solutions for portals.


We understand a brand's needs and values and help to strategically create an emotional relationship with its audience. We help brands be much more fluid through constant updates and brand reinvention.


We approach design as an opportunity to make a difference. By integrating design early in the process and being connected to the decision-makers, we can together drive innovation and create solutions.


We help visualise stories for greater audience engagement and content delivery. The impact that illustrations, type, colours, treatments, motion and sound adds to storytelling is absolutely refreshing.


Jayesh Raut Design and Strategy

Manisha Lath Gupta Mojarto, Co-Founder and earlier IndianArtCollectors, Founder & CEO

"He takes initiative beyond the brief, and constantly gives ideas and inputs about the business."

When I was looking to redesign the IndianArtCollectors brand identity, I was introduced to Jayesh Raut Design & Strategy by a common friend. Jayesh came with very strong credentials, and it was easy to discuss the brief and direction the brand wanted to take. I like the fact that he thinks through the problem and does not jump to giving you the first idea that comes to his head. He is particular about having a proper logic and reasoning behind his idea. He takes feedback very positively, and appreciates the client’s point of view. After a few iterations, we arrived at the IndianArtCollectors which is a perfect blend of art & science – true to proportions, symmetry and golden ration. I like the simplicity and impact of the logo, and the clean fonts that accompany it. In our business, it is the art that shines, and the logo has to be understated, yet solid. he also takes initiative beyond the brief, and constantly gives ideas and inputs about the business. I like that about him, he takes ownership.

Jayesh Raut Design and Strategy

Sahil Kapahi
Ask Farm, Owner

"It’s like working with your team member."

Ask as a name was personal to me and i wanted the identity to be unique for it.  Jayesh Raut Design and Strategy not only helped us create that unique mark but also made sure that our business was reflected directly from the mark. Jayesh is patient and fun to work with as he takes feedback optimistically and is open for discussions.  It’s like working with your team member.

Jayesh Raut Design and Strategy

Rakesh Kalra
UrbanPro.com, Founder & CEO

"We like the simplicity and directness that his work brings."

We at ‘ThinkVidya’ wanted a rebrand and be in an online marketplace that connects professionals and consumers across a variety of fields. We got introduced to Jayesh Raut Design and Strategy and ‘UrbanPro’ branding came to life. We like the simplicity and directness that his work brings. Jayesh puts in efforts to understand the business model and comes up with branding solutions rather than just being disconnected to the reality of the business. He is proactive and makes sure to take the brand through.